Beer Clean Low Suds Glass Cleaner .5-OZ Pouch

Diversey 990224 Beer Clean bar glass cleaner 0.5 oz. packets will help you serve the best beer in town! When your beer glasses are properly cleaned with Beer Clean bar glass cleaner, the beer you’re serving will look and taste better, leading to increased profits! If a beer glass isn’t cleaned properly, the invisible film left on the glass from the improper washing will “kill” the head of the beer. Beer glasses washed with Beer Clean bar glass cleaner have bigger heads which leads to more glasses of beer per barrel! This low suds formula Beer Clean is designed for electric brush cleaning. It works in either hot or cold water, and rinses clean without leaving a head-killing film. It also contains water softeners to enhance its effectiveness in all types of water, and when used properly with a manual brush, it will even remove stubborn lipstick stains from glassware! The recommended dilution is one 0.5 oz. packet to 3 gallons of water. Beer Clean bar glass cleaner is part of a complete system for cleaning and sanitizing bar glassware in a 3 compartment bar sink.

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100 Units/Case


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