PPE Infrared Thermometer, One Second Temperature Measurement



Take Temperatures + Find Fevers: COVID-19 has made the need for self-examination, temperature checks, and non-contact or low-contact electronic thermometers higher than ever. Detect symptoms of the illness in your family at home or for customers, coworkers, students, teachers, and others at your workplace to ensure people identify infection and keep each other safe. Protect your business by reducing the risk of illness spreading with simple temperature checks at the door and regularly throughout the day.
The Infrared Body Thermometer features easy, convenient One-Click functionality and instant easy-to-read results. This battery-powered thermometer immediately informs you of irregularities in body temperature so you can make informed decisions and reduce the likelihood of spreading COVID-19.

One-Click Functionality: A single click is all it takes to get the temperature results you need, and the button is rated for 100,000 uses with an automatic Power-Off function to save on battery life.
Non-Contact Design: Hold the infrared body thermometer 3-5cm from the forehead for clear results on adults, children, and infants alike.
Fast, Accurate Results: Get results within 1 second of clicking, with an accuracy of 0.2 degrees Celsius
Fever Alert: Set an alert at the temperature you choose to instantly alert you to the presence of fever.
Large LCD Screen Display: Lets you clearly see the results of your test for speedy examination and assessment.
Stores Up To 100 Data Points for quick analysis and comparison

Stay ahead of the curve, and flatten it, too (!) by testing for COVID-19 symptoms like fevers with this infrared body thermometer. Keep your business safe. Keep your family safe. Stay on the lookout for all the warning signs and take responsibility now. Infrared Body Thermometers are one of the best investments you can make when you want to get back to work and screen for employees, protecting their health, and your facility from shutting down and sending workers home.


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